Effortless holiday style — with substance


Are you feeling these days like you’re caught up in a big whirlwind, just trying to get ready for the holidays? I know exactly how you feel. We make those long to-do lists, check them twice, and drive ourselves crazy trying to make everything “perfect” for our loved ones. The trick is to remember that perfection is not about doing more, but about doing things well. You might be cranking out cookies, cakes, and canapés like there’s no tomorrow, but it sure isn’t fun if you can’t do it with a smile.

I love the idea of living effortlessly, which, for me, is about making choices in advance that help save time later. In the kitchen, it means always having certain staples on hand that can be turned quickly into a delicious meal: fresh lemons, canned tomatoes, a hunk of good cheese and fresh bread are some of my favorite go-to items. When it comes to wardrobe, I’ve figured out what looks good on me — and makes me feel good about myself — so that I don’t have to spend time agonizing in front of the closet trying to find the perfect outfit.

When I’m getting ready for another holiday outing, I’m always glad that I chose Transitions lenses for my glasses. Whether I’m going for an all-out Christmas effect in red and green or getting glammed up in rhinestones, I can count on my lenses to work with every outfit and situation because Transitions lenses continually adjust to changing light. It’s the kind of effortless style that works just right for me, allowing me to focus on what’s most important during this special time of year: family and friends.

And that’s what effortless style with substance is all about. If you make the right choices in advance, then you can enjoy life just a little more. Stock up on ginger snaps, marshmallows, and salt-and-pepper chocolate bars for a Spicy S’more that will knock the socks off your guests — an effortless treat with complex flavor. A quick homemade Vanilla Bean Hot Cocoa Mix can be wrapped up into a sweetly thoughtful gift, showcasing minimal effort with maximum impact. These kinds of small acts are all about sharing love and joy, because it doesn’t take much to show others how much you care.

As wintertime wraps around us with shorter days and longer nights, my Transitions lenses will make sure I don’t miss a moment of the fun, whether I’m carrying a Christmas tree through the city streets or roasting chestnuts over an open fire. No matter what holiday you observe during this time of year, make it effortless — and spread the love.

*Disclosure: Post sponsored by Transitions Lenses. Opinions are my own.

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